Care Coordinators




Role Of Service

Care Coordinators are trained to know about the care and services available to you at your surgery and in your area.
A Care Coordinator will listen and talk to you in confidence about your health problem, to understand your needs, so they can book you an appointment with the right healthcare professional or service and to ensure patients are invited in for routine appointments.
They can help you:

  • get seen as soon as possible
  • know if self-referral is available for certain services at your practice or in your area
  • make appointments for new kinds of care or new services you may not be aware of
  • access the appropriate healthcare professional

Care Coordinators support patients and practices with the following services:

  • High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) referrals
  • ADHD medication reviews
  • Gestational diabetes annual reviews
  • Whooping cough (pertussis) and shingles vaccinations
  • 2 week wait referrals 
  • Cancer support
  • Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) monitoring
  • qFIT test (quantitative faecal immunochemical test) following a lower gastrointestinal tract referral 

Care Navigator team members