Children’s Health and Wellbeing Team




Role Of Service

Our children’s health and wellbeing team supports children, young people (ages 0 – 18 and up to 24 for those with SEND) and their families/carers where the child has a long term health condition, particularly Neurodevelopmental issue (ie. ASD and ADHD) or Mental Health concerns both pre and post diagnosis.

Recognising the need for long term support, Navigators come alongside young people and families to understand their concerns and challenges and help to coordinate care and support, access information and guidance and ensure they are aware of and engaged with relevant services and organisations.

Our children’s health and wellbeing service is accessed by contacting your GP surgery and requesting a referral to the Children’s Health and Wellbeing Navigator. Referrals can be made by parents, carers and young people.

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Children's Health and Wellbeing team member