Social Prescribing Link Workers




Role Of Service

Social prescribing aims to improve the health and wellbeing of clients by linking them with their community and helping them access support networks such as groups, activities and other services in their local area. We co-create action plans based on what is important to each person, and we encourage and motivate people to reach their goals.

The service is open to all patients 18 and over who may benefit from a conversation about their wellbeing.

Our social prescribing link workers can help with:

  • Talking through worries, understanding your needs and setting a plan
  • Linking you to specialist services to help with weight loss or fitness, tailored to your needs
  • Specialist Children’s Health Workers for advice and support
  • Support with feeling low, anxious or unmotivated
  • Support with loneliness and social isolation
  • Advice and guidance to tackle problems like housing, debt, unemployment
  • Connecting you with others including local groups and social networks.

We are there to listen and guide, please contact us at your GP practice.

Social Prescribing Link Workers offers support to:

  • People with a long term condition or chronic pain
  • Patients who could benefit from lifestyle advice/support
  • Isolated/frail older people
  • People with poor mental health eg low mood, anxiety, depression
  • People who might be at risk of domestic abuse
  • Under 55’s with complex social needs eg debt, housing, employment
  • People who are caring for another member of their household
  • Patients who have had Coronavirus and would like to re-engage with their community

Social Prescribing Link Workers team members